Commissioning an index

If you would like me to create an index for you, please use the contact page to send me the following information:

  • the subject matter of the text
  • the word count and/or number of indexable pages
  • the intended audience for the book
  • time frame within which the final page proofs will be sent to me
  • the date by which the final index is expected
  • will I be dealing with the author, editor or publisher in this transaction

I will then get back in touch with you to confirm whether I am available to take on the commission. If I am not able to, I may be able to suggest another indexer who can take it on.

At this point I will require a sample of the text – a chapter will suffice and can be sent in electronic format. I will also discuss the layout and format of the index itself with you. I will then be able to give you a quotation for the work.


I use the recommended rates from the Society of Indexers as my starting point. Factors that may affect the rate charged include

  • complexity of the text
  • pressure to produce an index in a very short time
  • necessity to work unsocial hours
  • detailed indexing of figures and tables
  • foreign language text content

For information on the Society of Indexers’ guidelines on fees and other matters concerning the hiring of an indexer, please click on the link below.

Society of Indexers, fee guidelines