Ruth Ellis

I am an advanced professional member of the Society of Indexers and have been indexing freelance since 2010. In September 2018 I was elected as a director on the executive board of the Society. My director role includes the management of website and our social media accounts.

I loved reading from a very early age,  voraciously reading anything that was put in front of me, and I still have a constant need to learn which means I read far more non-fiction than fiction.

My degree is in chemistry and business studies. Previous career experience includes various technical and operational management roles in the chemical, food and drink industries as well as eleven years in business consultancy working with companies in both the manufacturing and service sectors.

I have continued my great interest in food throughout my life and am a keen amateur cook. I bake sourdough bread, make my own stock, and have tried my hand at most of the cuisines of the world. I am interested in the culture of why we eat the things we do and the impact it has on the world around us.

My father instilled a love of science and my mother comes from a long line of wonderful family cooks. There are a number of my relatives directly involved in farming and food production. I have lived in Yorkshire for most of my life and have an interest in local history. I also enjoy crafting, with a particular interest in embroidery.