Ruth Ellis – Indexer

Indexing Services

An accredited Advanced Professional Member and Director of the Society of Indexers, providing back-of-the-book, journal, business document, and technical documentation indexes.

My specialist subject areas

I create indexes on most subjects which are aimed at a general readership level and I index at all levels in the following areas:

  • Business and management skills
  • Chemistry & biochemistry
  • Cookery
  • Environmental issues & sustainability
  • Food & drink
  • Food history
  • Food science & technology
  • General science
  • History of science
  • Industry/industrial studies
  • Lifestyle & wellbeing
  • Local history
  • Materials Science
  • Natural History
  • Needlecraft & textiles
  • Nutrition & health

Further details can be found in my professional directory entry at the Society of Indexers here or by looking at my list of recent work here.

Feedback on my indexing work:

“Thanks for your excellent collaboration”

“Very satisfied with the work done”

“Thank you for doing such a thorough job”

“…really clear, comprehensive and accessible”

“This index is sympathetically compiled and very much in keeping with the text”

“This is a comprehensive and accurate index”

“…you show a nice empathy with the text”